Frequently Asked Questions

Pearson Classroom is a complete ecosystem to help the institutes make their students prepare for high stakes English exams.

Pearson Classroom can be termed as a complete ecosystem for high stakes English exam preparation as it contains user-friendly platform, extensive teaching materials for the teachers, comprehensive practice materials along with assessments and mock tests for students, Student and Teachers management system, and much more. Everything which an institute needs to run their classes for high stakes English exam preparation.

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Pearson Classroom is meant for the English Language test prep coaching centers and institutes as it facilitates their teachers and students both.

It covers most high-stakes English exams including PTE Academic, IELTS Academic, IELTS General and OET. TOEFL will be coming soon.

Pearson Classroom has heaps of high-quality practice material in addition to live classes and assessments taught and marked by your teachers.

Pearson Classroom will make your teachers’ lives much easier with in-app marking rubrics, heaps of ready-made lessons plans for teaching and much more.

No, it can be used for both in-classroom as well as online teaching.

Yes, absolutely. We will make sure your teachers are confident at using the materials and the platform.

Yes, it does. Your students will know exactly how test ready they are.

You can get in touch with our sales team or write to us at and we  will help you to implement Pearson Classroom.

You certainly can. The authoring tools will allow you to digitize existing materials or create new materials from scratch.

Yes, they can. There is a scheduler as well as functions for 1:1 teaching, webinars and small group classes.

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